Moray is one of the best 3D modellers out there for povray. While many 3D modellers/renderers support the ability to export to povray format, Moray has been designed all along to be used with POV-Ray (though it does support Polyray as well). A shareware version of Moray can be downloaded, but a nag screen is displayed after using the program for long periods of time. Unfortunately, Moray is only available for Dos/Win32, and I don't believe that a Linux port is planned.

A moray eel is a long green creature that has been known to bite incautious SCUBA divers. It prefers to retreat into a coral reef, but will defend itself if you annoy it. As someone else once explained:

When you're swimming in the sea
And an eel bites your knee
That's a moray.

Moray is also a district in the region of Grampian in the North East of Scotland. It's capital is the city of Elgin.

Mor"ay (?), n. Zool.

A muraena.


© Webster 1913.

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