Transformers season 1, episode 1

Plot: The first part of the three part pilot for the Transformers series. With very low energy reserves left on Cybertron, the Autobots set out in their space ship to find new reserves but are followed by the Decepticons who attack after a meteor shower. They board the Autobot ship and in the battle which ensues, the ship is damaged and thrown off course to crash land on Earth.

Four million years later, an eruption of the volcano where the Autobot ship landed causes Teletran I to reactivate and its repair program starts, repairing the closest Transformer to the specifications of an Earth vehicle gathered by a probe. The first Transformer is Skywarp who moves his fellow Decepticons into the repair beam.

They leave the Autobots behind and get set to raid the earth's resources, but Starscream unwittingly causes the Autobots to be reactivated with some of his usual fancy laser work. Hound and Cliffjumper track down the Decepticons' base, but are discovered and barely escape.

The Decepticons later attack an oil rig which happens to be manned by humans Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky. When the Autobots arrive, they and the humans are caught up in the destruction of the platform.

This is a classic episode, of course, only being let down by introducing the annoying humans Spike and Sparkplug.

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