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Nature is beautiful, calming, replenishing, pure, and best of all--there.

Hey--let's whore it around so we can make a few dollars!

Of all the things man has used in order to make a profit for himself, his abuse of nature to do so makes a lack of spirituality in his life evident. I love to see a field of wild flowers or a secluded pond in quiet woods--no matter how cheesy it may sound, it helps you get back in touch which nature. There's something missing in a man-made creation of this sort. I can usually tell when something is natural or synthetic, and the latter reeks of money.

Nature has been carved to fit our needs. If there is a forest where someone wants to build a shopping center, it is knocked down with no remorse. Of course, lonesome trees are always left standing in the parking lots, an eternal reminder of the atrocity that has been committed. I've seen large trees encircled with fences in the center of a parking lot, implying that we are not allowed to communicate with nature. The creaters of this anomoly must be aware of the paradox it presents--nature is untouchable, yet we can dispose of her as we see fit.

Nature has become just another plaything, a different kind of material with which to build. Structured and maticulously manicured lawns in front of major corporations help to uphold a distinguished reputation for that company. Beautiful flora equals a beautiful name. Our relationship with nature is as this--we shun and hurt her when she is of no use to us, and when we see a need for her we only end up mistreating her and making hypocrites of ourselves..

I'm not against change and growth. I understand that we must destroy in order to build. I know that companies such as those referred to above mean no outright disrespect to nature. But the harm is done anyway. Nature is copyrighted, trademarked, and sold off to the highest bidder.

God Bless America.

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