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The Moties are the aliens in Niven/Pournelle's Mote series (The Mote In God's Eye and The Gripping Hand).

The Moties are a differentiated group of species, each type genetically engineered and bred for specific tasks; There's an Engineer caste, for example, that's superspecialized to work quickly and intuitively on technological constructs. They have the disadvantage, however, that they don't innovate well- new technology comes slow to them.

The Moties are trapped in a small (3 planet) solar system, which also boasts large collections of asteroids situated at the Trojan points of the two outer planets (both gas giants), and even civilization in the comets outside of Mote Gamma (the outermost planet)'s orbit.

The only Alderson point in the system leads directly to the interior of a red giant star, which is why the Moties (who had already developed the Drive) were trapped inside the system.

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