Mt. Shasta is one of the largest mountains in California, found in the northernmost portion of the state. It towers to well over 14,000 feet, making it almost as tall as Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. However, unlike Mt. Whitney, Mt Shasta rises from lowlands on all sides, making it tower imposingly over a large area.

Mt Shasta is a volcano, one of the southernmost in the Cascades (Mt. Lassen is a bit further south, but lacks Shasta's imposing shape.) It has erupted in recorded history, and is now dormant, although eruptions are always possible. Other examples of this type of volcano include some of the most scenic mountains in the world, such as Mt. Rainier and Mt. Fuji. This type of volcano is prone to catastrophic eruptions, lahars nuee ardentes. (Mt St Helens experienced a 'small' one of the latter, if Mt. Rainier experiences this it has the potential to destroy much of Seattle.) Eruptions of this sort have happened to Mt Shasta in the past, which is evidenced by the rolling terrain around its flanks. Mt. Shasta is relatively young, only a few hundred thousand years old in its current state, although it may have reformed and exploded/collapsed several times before.

Mt. Shasta is extremely beautiful, in a mainly conical shape but with 2 peaks, one towering over the other. It is snowcapped all year long and flanked by glaciers near the peak. The mountain is sacred to several Native American tribes (among other people), and it's easy to see why if you visit the mountain. I've only seen it from afar, but during one extremely clear day i caught a glimpse of the summit from as far away as northern Sacramento.

Mount Shasta is a large volcanic mountain in Northern California. It rises to an elevation of 14,561 feet and is considered dormant, although there are volcanic fumaroles near the top. Besides being an incredibly beautiful and spectacular mountain that offers great snow skiing and rock climbing opportunities, the mountain is surrounded by many legends and mysteries.

Mount Shasta is supposedly an energy grid point, a term which is relates to magnetic energy and is of great importance to many new age believers. It was the site of a large gathering of over 5000 people during the harmonic convergence in 1987, where several planets aligned. There are several legends associated with Mount Shasta, including one that survivors of Atlantis live inside the mountain. A supernatural race of beings called Lemurians are also rumoured to live within the mountain.

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