Radical religious tendency whose credo consists of absolute faith in, and obedience to The Leader. Movementarians are taught that The Leader invented all of our useful modern contrivances, such as the light bulb. They look forward to the day when The Leader will take them in a flying saucer to a paradise planet.

Movementarianism largely died out when it was revealed to the flock that The Leader's flying saucer was actually a cheap, pedal-powered fake, laden with sacks of cash.

Oh, and all this happened on The Simpsons, by the way.

The joy of this satire is knowing that such a religion actually exists in real life!

That's right folks, its true, and maybe you've heard of this "religion" before. It's called Scientology. Now I know that I am abstracting the definition of Scientology quite a bit, but the cult in that Simpsons episode was a unquestionably a direct parody of Scientology. The sad thing is that very few people watching that episode knew that, because not many North Americans actually know what Scientology is. Those who do, don't know about the really "unclean" parts. I really recommend MoJoe's writeup under the Scientology node, it details and explains the whole thing. Is it easier to draw parallels between the Movementarians and Scientologists now? Well, let's see: They both focus on the actual physical existance of a godly intergalactic leader. They're both horrible scams that are downright criminal in nature. I confess, the Simpsons also parodies other religions in which a physical manifestation of the concept of God is worhsipped (i.e. the literalist sects of Christianity), but that is to a lesser degree.

Hasn't anyone else realized this?

If you'll excuse me, I must get back to worshipping the leader. I love the leader!

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