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In the comic strip published by King Features, Blondie, Mr. Dithers is Dagwood Bumstead's boss. The running joke was that Dagwood sorta liked his job, but was always trying to avoid his boss in real life as well as sleep as much as possible while at work.

Today, if you were Dagwood, you would be noding at work while Mr. Dithers thought he was paying you to actually do something productive for the bottom line.

Chic Young created this strip during the Depression. It began September 8, 1930, to be exact. It was one of the few old-time comic strips that remains in today's newspapers. It has been drawn by his son, Dean, since Chip Young's death.

Blondie Boopadoo was a flapper and Dagwood was the son of a railroad tycoon. Dagwood's father completely disinherited him when he finally married Blondie in 1933.

As for what the term flapper really means, I'm not sure, since (unlike most things) this was before my time. However, it seems obvious she was a gold digger, and it's not unlikely that the underlying assumption is that she was a titty-dancer or perhaps even a hooker. She does sport some pretty perky pointers, doesn't she?

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