Monday July 3 2:43 PM ET

Everything2 Noder Aeki Achieves Level 3 Status

By AEKI, Associated Press Writer

RICHMOND (AP)--Aeki, the Mac-headed former Everything(1) noder who secured his fame (or complete lack thereof) with the Food Network-inspired Cooling Nodes For Dummies, has reached Level 3, of an eightieth writeup. He was 2.

Aeki was pronounced Level 3 at 6:45 PM server time, at his home in Richmond, Virginia.

”We have lost someone who was very dear to us,” said E2 Level 2 Club President proj2501. “We at the club will miss him, both as a fellow noder, and as a friend.”

Other E2 noders had these comments:

”Who gives a crap?” said famous noder Jet-Poop. “This happens all the time. Besides, I just got blown to screnamoterades by terrorist commandos.”

Despite all my objective attempts to stop it, it was bound to happen someday,” said well-known noder tftv256. “At least some of his nodes don’t suck.”

”He doesn’t agree with my “conservatives are the wave of the future” policy," said controversial noder DMan, "but he does agree with my “having high XP is fun” policy.”

Aeki is survived by the remaining and developing Level 2 noders. He is currently single.

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