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Mrs Doe Pee is an actual company which markets doe urine for sale as a lure for bucks. Some hunters purchase doe pee and use it to attract bucks, which expect to find a horny-as-fuck female deer, and find a hunter instead. This company seems to be one of the leading sources of this resource, oddly enough. Some of the popular varieties of doe urine are 'doe in estrus special blend', 'fresh doe pee', 'buck in rut pee', 'buck tarsal gland fluid', and 'bull elk pee' as well. This is a family owned company and the deer are kept in barns with drains at the bottom which lead to collection areas. I pity the person who has to deal with all this deer piss. They also freeze dry the stuff and sell it powdered, or something. Mrs Doe Pee also sells posters, t-shirts, etc, etc. For anyone who doesnt believe in the validity of this node, this company has a website, www.mrsdoepee.com .

there are a few questions that come to mind after seeing this. First of all, its 'Mrs' doe pee so this person must be married. So, is her name Doe Pee? and is there some guy named Bob Pee out there? or Dick Pee? one has to wonder. Or maybe her name is just Mrs Doepee. scary... And dont people feel weird about using horny doe piss to attract bucks? I'm not against hunting at all, as long as you kill the animal humanely and eat what you kill. But it seems counterproductive to use doe pee to harvest deer. Not only does it ruin the 'challenge', but all the 'horny' bucks are going to get shot. This will result in less horny bucks or 'gay' bucks surviving... which of course will mean less deer in the future. its rudimentary evolution. But anyway.. if you do decide for whatever reason you want doe pee, now you know where to get it. maybe you can pour it in ice cube trays or something.

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