The term for a timeframe during a human female's monthly cycle in which she is fertile or receptive for impregnation. Often accompanied by outward physical/pheromonal indicators. Human females have created pseudo estrus indicators which now inaccurately reflect femininity (high heels which thrust out the buttocks, lipstick and rouge which falsely indicate a greater blood flow caused by excitement, and undergarments which create an illusion of plenty), surgery to create an illusion of youth.

estrus (adjective, estrous): phenomenon of being sexually receptive, or in heat, as manifested at the ovulatory phase of the sexual cycle of the female, especially in subprimate species. The phenomenon of being sexually receptive, or in heat, as found in the sexual cycle of some species. A condition or syndrome of persistent estrus can be produced in some animals (for example, the rat) by hormonal injection of the newborn, notably with androgen; see also TSR.

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