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How to make an Eostre basket

(Craft project for Ostara)



Simply place all symbolic items in basket in an aesthetically pleasing way. If desired, decorate eggs for Ostara fun and add to decorations. You can re-create the old ways by dyeing eggs using natural herbs boiled in water to color their shells: For yellow, use carrots, turmeric, fenugreek, or white grape juice; for orange, use onion skins or paprika; for red, use red onion skins, madder root, or cayenne; for red-violet, try purple grape juice or red raspberries; green can be achieved with carrot tops or bracken; for blue, use blueberries, red cabbage, or black raspberries; for blue-violet, try blackberries, beet juice, or mulberries; and for pink, use heather.

Ritual use:

The plastic eggs can be a part of the Ostara ritual: Write things that you are thankful for on pieces of paper and then seal each in an egg. Keep the pieces of paper in the eggs as reminders during the season what a bounty you have to be thankful for. You can keep the eggs year round and use them as reminders every time you feel downtrodden by circumstances of your life.

(Dyeing information collected from The Sabbats by Edain McCoy.)

Pagan craft projects

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