How to create a finger-knitting chain

(Craft project for all Sabbats)


  • Just appropriately-colored yarn for every Sabbat


Use a symbolic color to finger-knit a rope to represent the Sabbat being celebrated. Tie each new piece to the previous seasons' pieces to form one long rope that keeps getting longer the more time you spend on the path. There is no effective way for me to explain finger-knitting to you so that you will be able to follow the instructions, so just know that it is a way of weaving the yarn together (using only your fingers) to create a thick, loosely woven rope. If you can't find anyone to teach you how to do this or any resources but still like the idea, try braiding or doing any other kind of knots you know to get a rope-like creation going.

Colors appropriate for this:

Yule--Red-Green-White mixed
Ostara--Dark green-Light green-White mixed
Beltane--Pink and Blue mixed

If you look at the appropriate symbolism for each Sabbat, you will find the colors of the season listed. If you would rather formulate your own symbolic main colors for your yarn (i.e., you'd rather not have any mixtures, et cetera), feel free to pick among those listed in each Sabbat's section in order to choose the colors most appropriate for you.

Ritual use:

Construct your rope while in the circle, listening to seasonally appropriate music. Then, before you tie the new bit of rope onto your ever-growing long one, hold the long one for a moment and reflect on past Sabbats as you run it through your hands. It helps as physical reminder, a marker, of how long you've been on the path, and it also reminds you of the cyclical nature of the year; how we always come back to the same color again before too long. (Note: Once it is long enough, it might even be fun to use it as the border to your circle! I've done this and it's an enlightening process to actually add a bit to the end of the yarn marking your circle.)

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