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How to make a Midsummer Feather Wreath

(Craft project for Litha)



Form a braided wreath with brown craft wire. Then form another braided wreath that fits inside the first one. Glue yellow feathers to one wreath until the craft wire cannot be seen; do the same with the red feathers on the other wreath. Then place one wreath on top of the other and wind them together with the ivy vines.

Ritual use:

You may wish to leave the wreaths separate until the Litha ritual, at which point you bind the yellow wreath and the red wreath together to symbolize the marriage of the God and Goddess. Since yellow and red are so interchangeable in whom they represent, it is up to you if you want to assign one wreath to the God and one to the Goddess. The wreath, when completed, can sit during the season of Litha upon your altar or a table, perhaps surrounding a Wedding Gift Basket if the sizes of both are accommodating.

Pagan craft projects

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