A strange album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds(*), with ten songs about, well, murder. Mine comes with a sticker that warns parental advisory: explicit lyrics. As if parents could miss the album title!!!

Probably the best known song on this album is the one with Kylie Minogue guesting,
called Where the Wild Roses Grow. The songs are titled:

  1. Song of Joy
  2. Stagger Lee
  3. Henry Lee
  4. Lovely Creature
  5. Where the Wild Roses Grow
  6. The Curse of Millhaven
  7. The Kindness of Strangers
  8. Crow Jane
  9. O'Malley's bar
  10. Death is not the end

* - Nick Cave is one of those people like Tom Waits, that some people absolutely do not get, and that others love.

I wish that I could remember where I read this, but here it is:

Shortly after the album came out, Nick Cave walked out of an interview when the reporter asked him why the album was called "Murder Ballads". Why? If the reporter didn't know the answer to that question, then it was apparent that he had not listened to the album; if he had not listened to the album, there was no point in talking to him about it.

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