Guinness competitor brewed in Cork, Ireland. Smoother, thicker and less bitter than Guinness. Fantastic with a very hoppy ale for a wondrous black and tan.

Murphy’s Irish Stout is (IMHO) shite, far surpassed in taste and texture by its competitor about half a mile down the road, Beamish. But enough of my thoughts...

Murphy's is available in several different flavours:

  • Red - dark strong ale, with a good solid body. Sadly difficult to obtain.
  • Amber – humorously, this traditional Irish Ale is only available in the US. Go figure, as those American types are wont to say.
  • Millenium Brew – tragically brewed only during 1999. Basically Murphy’s with a shot of whiskey tossed in during the brewing process. Absolutely gorgeous.
Murphy’s are also the brewers and distributors of several well-known international beers in Ireland ; Heineken, Coors & Amstel.

In Ireland, Murphy’s have achieved a level of product placement in Ireland rivalled only by Coca-Cola and Jesus. They sponsor practically everything involving alcohol on any level – including the Cat Laughs comedy festival, the Green Energy music festival and the Irish Open golf tournament.

If you're wondering about trying Murphy's because you liked Guinness so much ... don't bother.

Basically, to make 2 pints of Murphy's, start with 1 pint of Real Stout. Seperate it evenly into 2 pint glasses. Then add half a pint of water to each glass.

You have now recreated the genuine taste of Murphy's Irish Stout.

That said, if it's all that's available it's a lot better than all those American beers which seem to be so popular.

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