Hey. How’s it going. 

Alright. You? 

Same. First time

Yeah. You too? 

Nah. They know me around here. Don’t they, Barney. Barney. Hey. He’s asleep, I guess. 


So what are ya in for. 

I thought you weren’t supposed to ask that. Some kind of…what’s the word


Yeah. That. 

Depends. You being first time, I figured you wouldn’t know. 

Oh. What are you in for? 

This and that.  

Uh-huh. Did you do it? 

See that’s the part you’re not supposed to ask. But we’ll let it slide. You being first time. Hey, Barn, d’ya hear that. Asked me if I did it. He’s still asleep. 

So it seems. Heavy sleeper

You learn that in here. Have to. 

So guilty conscience not keeping anyone awake around here. 

Well nobody’s guilty here. So, no. 

Makes sense I s’pose. 

Sure. So what are ya in for. 

Uh. Defiling. 

Oh. That like a tax thing? 

Well no. Defiling. A person

Wait. You screwed some dead chick and… 

Dude. Man. I prefer men

Whatever. Jesus. How could you do that. 

Let me ask you something. What you did. Your “this and that”. Was anyone injured. Anyone hurt. 

Well yeah. Maybe. Crossfire, you know. Occupational hazard. Happens. 

So how’s that better. Given what I did was terrible. And wrong. How’s it worse. My victim was dead. 

Exactly. It’s the power differential. Don’t you get that. 

So it’s the fact that your victimsthe hypothetical ones—the fact that they had a fighting chance? That’s the difference

It’s gotta be a fair fight. Relatively speaking. 

But if someone died in that hypothetical crossfire, that was a life taken. It went from active to passive, through an act of will. Intentional. So if you come armed with your intent and the other person isn’t—what’s fair about that? 

Look. I don’t even want to discuss it. I’ve been coming here a long time, and I expect I’ll be back. I don't even want to be seen talking to you. Barney. Hey. Get up, Barn. Wake up, we got a situation here. 

He’s not my type

Yeah. That must be a turn-off. Breathing, and all. 

Anyway, I’m leaving soon. 


I made bail

Fine and dandy. Someone bailed you out? Really? 

Yes. A friend of mine. Jeffrey.



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