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A Squarepusher song from the album Go Plastic. Notable because it is one of a very few Squarepusher song with discernable lyrics. With the exception of expletives in "Come On My Selector", or sampled answering machine messages in "A Journey To Reedham", Tom Jenkinson has never "sang" in the usual sense, even if vocodered. So what words does the inneffable Mr. Jenkinson bring to us with his first vocal endevour?

You scream out for more
Let me tell you girl that for sure
I'm gonna give you what I've got
I'm gonna fuck you with my red hot cock


It's probably a bit of a joke, seeing how Aphex Twin (one of Squarepusher's buddies) did the "pop" song Milkman which featured the great lyric:

I would like some milk from the milkman's wife's tits

Warp Records 2001

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