!!!!!111oneoneoen is quite often used as punctuation after an ironic or sarcastic statement, almost exclusively via electronic communication (it just doesn't go well with dead tree).

Its origin comes from inarticulate rantings of internet forum users, website owners and people chatting through IRC or an online game. Quite often, as they furiously mash the keys more intent on speaking their 'mind' than coming across well, they release shift before they stop pounding the '1' key. The result is thus:

omg yuo are wrong and also of teh gay!!!!!1111

This is depressingly common, so those -like myself- who put the effort into our typing when online have adopted it, in a mocking sense. Jeff K. has made his career out of this and other tricks.

The usage is simple. Just make a ludicrous, blinkered ultimatum, and then affix a few exclaimation points followed by the numeral one, and then go crazy. As an example:

Playstation2 si much bettar tahn teh Gaycube!!!!11oeoneoenoeneone

Fun, isn't it? You can do this as part of an otherwise reasonable debate, or against an opponent you simply cannot reason with. Note that the opponent doesn't need to be inarticulate for this to work, by using this punctuation you are implying their opinions or claims are ridiculous.

Popular variants include:

  • !!!1111oneoeneone
  • !!!!!!11111234456
  • !!!!!1111onetwothreefourfiveonceicaughtafishalive
  • !!!!!1111oneoenshift+one
  • !!!!!1111oenelevenelevenelveen

Please use this sparingly and with great care; unless the attached statement is blatantly meant in jest, others might think you are in fact serious (and a moron).

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