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In August of 2006, my mom tells my brother and I that she is pregnant. All I can think is, “I'm going to play with a baby again!”

“Mom, that's awesome!” I say, embracing her warmly. Then I hug my step dad, and we go tell our friends the big news. Over the 9 months that my mother is pregnant, she was one of the strangest women I have ever met when they were pregnant. She didn't get morning sickness, or eat weird food, or get TOO grouchy. She was very excited over the idea of a water birth, so we bought an inflatable pool to go in our breakfast nook, which was going unused till then. We got all of the needed supplies, meanwhile talking about names for the baby,and didn't decided upon until babe was born. On April 18th, 2007, I got home from school and my mom was cooking. The funny thing was that she was just in her bikini bathing suit! Also, the pool was filled with warm water.

“Hey, mom! Whats with the suit?” I ask, staring at my mom and knowing what the answer was.
“I started having contractions about an hour ago, and I know I wasn't going to have time to cook at our normal time,” Responds my mom, “So I decided to make chili to eat whenever you want.”
“Mom, I'm scared.”
“Aren't I Supposed to be Scared?”

We both laughed, and hung out for a while. Then my step dad came home from school, and that's when things got exciting. My mom had decided to walk around, and the contractions were getting closer every few minutes. My mom amazed me that day by not crying and only yelling once at the very end. I do have to say that she whimpered, though, because otherwise my mom would be invincible. Once the contractions were at about 1 minute apart, my step dad started getting worried. He asked my mom to get in the pool, and she said she had to go to the bathroom. When she sat down to go, the baby all of a sudden crowned, and my mom yelled for my step dad. He yelled for me to get some towels, and I froze for about 30 seconds. I finally spotted the towels and ran to grab them. Then my mom screamed, and my step dad pulled out the baby. It was obvious the baby was a girl, and my brother and I started crying. She latched onto my moms breast about 3 minutes after she was born.

“I had a dream that it was going to be a girl and that I would have her in the bathroom,” my mom tearfully said. That only made my brother and I cry even more, and it was a nice evening. We all considered the 2 names we had chosen for a girl, Zoey and Maya. She looked like a Maya, so that is her name, Maya Justine Thompson-Key. We now have a walking, talking, 1 ½ year old girl who is spoiled to death by her sister (me) and her daddy. It's been really hard, and i don't regret one millisecond of it.

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