Crying on the kitchen floor. Wrapping my arms around myself, wishing it were somebody else, sobs shaking my body. A softness touches my arm. Pushes her head against my hand. Picking her up into my arms, cradled now, my tears fall into her fur. She doesn't mind. Purring, my face burried in her back. Wetness on my cheek, she licks the tears, taking them away.

A light scratching at the door. Crawl out of bed, unable to sleep, anyway, and open it. Run in passed me and jump onto the bed, fluidly and perfect. Crawl back into bed, tucking the blankets around me, spreading the long dark tresses over a pillow. Pacing back and forth, back and forth, her little paws soft against the plushness. Laying in my hair, she'd dig her claws into it, ever so careful not to claw my skull open. Mmm, comfort. Her purring was loud, relaxing, as she settled onto my hair, just above the top of my head. Slowly she'd begin to stop, and a quiet whistling escapes her with each breath. Cats do snore, and I'd know she was asleep. Sleep takes me soon after.

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