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"My grandma died yesterday. Did she die?"

This seemingly nonsensical question comes from a rather popular, if childish, group-time-wasting game that I've played since God knows when.

Similar to the Green Glass Door, How many elephants, Bang! Who'd I shoot?, The Psychiatrist Game, Four is cosmic! and black magic, this is a fun game when played in a large group. Never mind if you're the only one who knows the secret; the game's fun quotient grows exponentially as more people start to "geddit", placing incredible stress on the people who still don't.

Here's how it works:

The questioner (you at first, someone else who learns the secret could take over later) asks the question "My grandma died yesterday. Did she die?"

Following this question, a "yes" or "no" answer is expected. Now one of these will be deemed "correct" based on the following premise:

The answer is ALWAYS "yes" to a question immediately following an instruction to "listen", or "listen carefully".

Don't get what i mean? Here's an example...

<You>My grandma died yesterday. Did she die?
<Tracy>er.. no?
<Chris>I'm saying yes.
<Emma>eh? i'll go with Chris on this one
<You>No she didn't. heh.
<You>You people don't geddit do you? you gotta listen carefully...
<You>here goes.. My grandma died yesterday. Did she die?
<Chris>yeah i think she did, though i don't know why.
<You>yeah she did. Em and Chris are right..
<Chris>man, and i don't even know why
<Brad>again! again!
<You>alright. My grandma died yesterday. Did she die?
<Emma>I think i geddit!! no! no she didn't!! =)
<Chris>eh.. yes?
<You>Nope she didn't. Tracy and Emma are right.
<Emma>Hiak.. i get it. can i ask?
<You>go ahead... =)

Reality check: In real life NO ONE gets it after only two questions. This is just for the sake of illustration.

Pointers for a fun session:

  • Vary the rhythm, pitch and speed of your questions to throw players off the scent.
  • If anyone thinks they they get it, and want to do the questioning, let them. Don't hog. Besides, it's a good way of confirming their theories.
  • Don't make anyone feel stupid. I know of instances wherein this game was played, on and off, for about 6 days straight, involving the same group of players. This is alright, provided the group comprises of the types who refuse to take the easy way out.

Yup, that's about it. You may or may not enjoy it, depending on how much you enjoy pointless, childish entertainment as a whole. Personally, though, I love it. In a group setting, you can always find someone who hasn't played it before.

Let the fun and laughter begin.

Explanation unclear? Feel free to /msg me.

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