Quite possibly the coolest little public high school anywhere ever. Students are really allowed to have a lot of freedom here, and the sci/tech-oriented classes are lots of fun. It also has an unsurpassable atmosphere and a feeling of friendship between students and teachers. Where else can you walk down the hall and hear random people absent-mindedly whistling the opening theme from Star Trek: The Original Series?

Renamed, more accurately, to the School of Science and Technology at Merlo Station before the start of the 2001-2002 school year (see: SST). Teachers have been swapped in and out, and the population increased to 170 (and growing) since the days of Wonko and Baloo, but the school still maintains the highest rating in the Beaverton School District and an above-average atmosphere -- despite the lack of windows and a functioning air-conditioning system.

Also the only High-School in the state of Oregon to produce a majority of students whose GPA's actually increase upon entering college. This mainly as a result of a(n arguably) more challenging High-school curriculum and the absence of D's on the grading scale.

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