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Diplomatic attache to Narn Ambassador G'Kar. Notable due to her sly cunning and quick wit. She was a powerful compliment to G'Kar.

She was fiercely loyal to G'Kar, even to her own dismay and disbelief. She preferred a more direct approach rather than G'Kar's subterfuge and deception.

She was well trusted by G'Kar, as she was one of the few whom G'Kar told about his discovery that a new race (the Shadows) were on the move.

Her Grandfather fell victim to Jha'dur and the Dilgar during the Dilgar War.

    (cf. "Deathwalker")
Was on the Narn Homeworld during the Centauri bombardment. She was captured, and imprisoned on Centauri Prime.
    (cf. "The Long, Twilight Struggle")
She was forgotten until discovered in 2262 by Londo Mollari and G'Kar in the underground prison of the Palace. They helped her escape and return to Narn.
    (cf. "A Tragedy of Telepaths")
Na'Toth first appeared in the Episode "The Parliament of Dreams".
Na'Toth was last seen as a regular character in "Acts of Sacrifice"
Na'Toth was rescued from Centauri Prison in "A Tragedy of Telepaths"

In Babylon 5 - Season One, Na'Toth was portrayed by Caitlin Brown
In Babylon 5 - Season Two, Na'Toth was portrayed by Mary Kay Adams

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