In the Babylon 5 universe, the Narn ambassador to B5. Played by Andreas Katsulas.

Besides being Ambassador, G'Kar was also a member of the Kha'Ri, until the Narn Regime fell in 2259. A man of peace by nature, G'Kar tried to warn others of the emerging threat of the Shadows, and even traveled to Z'ha'dum to confirm their return. He was imprisoned by Centauri Emperor Cartagia in 2261, who plucked out his left eye. Later, he served as bodyguard to Londo Mollari.

The Babylon 5 Project



    G'Kar was appointed as Ambassador to Babylon 5 by the Kha'Ri. His purpose is to boost the power of the Narn Regime, the youngest of the 5 major powers, through strategic alliances, and possibly some "covert" means.



      Member, Third Circle.


      Avid follower of the teaching of G'Quan, and local leader of the faith on Babylon 5.
        (cf. "By Any Means Necessary")



      Apparently has an "interest" in alien women, in particular Human.


      Has a wife on the Narn Homeworld.

    Centauri Republic

      G'Kar has an intense hatred of the Centauri, personified in Ambassador Londo Mollari. This was recently bolstered by the Narn-Centauri War war between the Centauri in Narn, which ended with the fall of Narn.
        (cf. "The Long, Twilight Struggle)
      At this point G'Kar, the only member of the Kha'Ri still free, asked for protection on Babylon 5, from which he waged a covert guerilla war against the Centauri occupation for a time.

    Turning Point

      After using the telepathic inducing drug "Dust", G'Kar attacked Londo and Vir Cotto, and discovered (From Kosh) his true place in the Universe.
        "Some must be sacrificed if some are to be saved"
        (cf. "Dust to Dust")


      G'Kar was captured by the Centauri in 2261 while searching for Michael Garibaldi. He was tortured as a plaything by Emperor Cartagia, during which he lost his left eye.
        (cf. "Whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi?", "Falling Toward Apotheosis")


      In 2277, he and Londo Mollari strangle each other to death.
        (cf. "War Without End, Part Two")

    Book of G'Kar

      G'Kar wrote a book over the course of two years, which was later published at the direction of the Kha'Ri, making G'Kar something of a religious figure. This caused him so much frustration, he refused to return to the Narn homeworld, left Babylon 5, and travelled the galaxy with Lyta Alexander.

G'Kar first appeared in the episode "The Gathering"

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