Working since 1965 to make "American Culture" less of an oxymoron, the NEA
provides funds for a wide variety of arts projects. You may have attended
some local event that received a tiny subsidy in some form from the NEA, or
perhaps seen a film version of a play that benefited from funds at some
point in its life. A whipping boy for pols like Jesse Helms, due to Karen Finley's performance art and Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ", et al. How
will you spend the 60¢ Jesse saves you?

An article in SPY magazine, published toward the end of the Republican anti-NEA frenzy, alleged that the NEA does in fact suck - not because it's immoral, but because its members lavish grants on cronies who really don't need the money while worthwhile struggling artists who don't happen to have an "in" fall through the cracks.

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