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One of Nestlé's best-known products is Nescafe™, which is simply freeze-dried instant coffee. Another Nestlé product was Nesquick™, recently renamed to Nestlé Quick™, which is an instant chocolate milk mix. Nescao™, on the other hand, made very little impact on the beverage market.

Back around in 1990, I spotted Nescao in a snack bar in the main train station in Frankfurt, Germany. I enjoy mixing a teaspoon of Nesquick into a cup of coffee (Nescafé or otherwise), so I was eager to try it. It tasted great, as I expected, but I didn't end up shopping for the product because I prefer the chocolate powder in better-tasting coffee than Nescafé. It seems that other people felt the same way, which might explain why I don't see Nescao being sold here any more.

Coffee gourmets and purists may lambast me for the temerity of spoiling the flavor of good coffee with chocolate milk mix. Apart from guilty as charged, I have two replies:

  1. Try it, you may like it too! I know quite a few people who do.
  2. I'm not a coffee gourmet. I don't particularly enjoy the "pure" coffee taste. I'm a geek, and I drink coffee mainly for the caffeine's effect.

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