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Net Riddle is an ambitious project by some British guy (who's really good at writing riddles!) in which lots of people compete for a pot of money by answering riddles. The money pot increases monthly as more and more people visit the site and click the ads. No one has yet completed all of the riddles.

The tasks usually involve answering a riddle or a series of trivia questions, and entering the answer into the URL bar of your browser or into a text box, bringing you to the next page. As far as I know, no one has passed the 35th riddle, and no one but the maker knows how many there are in total. A sample task goes as such:


A very simple Riddle, all you have to do is ask yourself - What would happen if you went to the root and just added water?

The pictures are there for a reason. *picture of a tree and some acorns*

I won't tell you the answer to that one, but it took me about half an hour to figure out :|

If you want to try your hand at riddling, go here:


Remember, in tasks where there is a textbox/continue button you must click the continue button, rather than hit enter.

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