New Brunswick is an eastern Canadian province, east of Quebec, and west of Nova Scotia. Also, it is the only province from which you can access Prince Edward Island by car directly (via a 14 kilometer long bridge). There are currently 7 cities: Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Campbellton, Edmunston, Bathurst, and Miramichi. Fredericton is the capital (though not the largest), and is located very near the center of the province.

It is the only officially bilingual (English and French) province in Canada. Of the approximately 757,000 people who inhabit the province, about one third of the population is french-speaking. There are strong Acadian communities in most areas of the province, and all government services are available in both languages. In fact, there was a recent court case in Moncton where a city bylaw was deemed invalid because it was written only in English.

The province covers just less than 74,000 square kilometers, most of which is coniferous forest land. The northern areas are mountainous, with the highest being Mt Carleton, 820 meters tall. The province has many waterways, and is renowned for excellent salmon fishing (especially the Miramichi and Restigouche rivers). In addition, snowmobiling has a huge following here; the trails and roads made by the logging industry make large portions of the province accessible on snowmobile or skis.

The province is accessible from the US Interstate System via I95 through Maine.

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