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Welcome to the most insane place in the universe.

And when I say that, I'm not messing around. You're currently in the New Shanghai system, formerly known as 18 Scorpii. The year is CE 2954 according to the New Shanghai reference point. You are now standing on the space station Lotus Four, in polar orbit around New Shanghai One. You have just been reanimated from ninety years in suspended animation on the voyage from the Really Amazingly Far-Out Interest driftership near Spica. 

New Shanghai is the jewel in the crown of the Megacorporate Neoindustrial Volume. It is the greatest economic superpower the Galaxy has ever known, and accounts for a full forty percent of the Gross Galactic Product. The hypercapitalist free-market paradise can sell anything imaginable and possibly unimaginable, and can export it across the galaxy whether the recepients want it or not. New Shanghai One is one of the few planet-cities or Ecumenopoli in the Core Systems, and it plays host to the headquarters of many intra-galactic megacorporations. Further out, huge nanofactories manufacture almost anything from the raw materials mined from gas giants, asteroids and anything else that crosses their path.

Indeed, inside New Shanghai One's Special Economic Zone(SEZ) enough currency is handled daily such that each cubic centimetre of the SEZ is equivalent to the entire economy of Old Earth during the Industrial Renaissance of 2030.

You can do pretty much anything you want on New Shanghai One.

As long as you can pay. 

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