The X-files

Nisei (Part 1 of 2)
Episode: 3X00
First aired:11/24/95
Written by: Chris Carter, Howard Gordan, and Frank Spotnitz
Directed by: David Nutter

A great episode!
We see Japanese men entering an unmarked train car. Inside there is a hospital setting. Four doctors work on a figure, extracting green fluid. Suddenly, armed men burst in killing the doctors and zipping the figure in a bag, which is an alien figure.

Mulder watches the incident of the alien autopsy on a tape he ordered. Scully remarks that this is "even hokier than the one they aired on the Fox network." Mulder and Scully go to see the guy who sent Mulder the tape. They find him dead, execution style.

Mulder chases an Asian man who flees the scene carrying a leather satchel. Mulder catches up to the guy and stops him. However, when Skinner shows up, he says he has to relase the man, who only speaks Japanese, since he has diplomatic papers.

Mulder pockets the satchel and finds satellite photos and a list of Mutual UFO Network members. A name, Betsy Hagopiean is circled. Mulder takes the photos to the Lone Gunmen who say the photos are of a ship called the Talapus. Meanwhile, the Japanese man is killed by a mysterious character (The Red-Haired Man).

Scully checks up on Betsy Hagopian and finds a number of women in the house, all who seem to recognize her. The murdered man was one of the group. They ask her if she had an unexplained event happen to her in the past year. Penny, one of the women, says that most have them have been taken several times. Scully doesn't want to talk about it but they tell her she's afraid to remember. They show her that all the women have the same mark on the back of their neck as she does, from the implant.

They take her to see Betsy, who is dying of cancer. Penny says that they are all dying from what they did to them. Scully is very shaken.

Mulder locates the ship and sneaks on. Armed men board the boat and begin searching forcing Mulder to escape by diving into the water. Climbing out, Mulder looks into a warehouse and sees men in white plastic suits working on a large circular object that is partially obscured but which looks like a UFO

Mulder finds his apartment ransacked and Skinner waiting in side. He explains that the diplomat was found dead from someone looking for the satchel, which Mulder didn't return. Skinner wants Mulder to return the bad because the State Department is breathing down his neck. He also says that Mulder is on his own this time.

Mulder goes to see Senator Matheson, his former benefactor, who tells him to return the bag. Matheson seaks to earn Mulder's trust.

Scully returns and Mulder obtains a WWII photo picturing some of the slain Japanese scientists, who were part of a medical corps, 731, that performed horrible experiments. Scully recognizes one of the men in the photo. Mulder thinks that the scientists were trying to create a alien-human hybrid, which Scully doesn't believe, she wants proof.

Mulder finds that the photos were tracking a train carrying test subjects, which he calls the governement's secret railroad. Mulder goes to the railroad to see men transfering what looks like a living alien onto a train.

After taking the chip found in her for analysis, Scully watches the alien autopsy video, recognizing one of the Japanese doctors in it and flashing back to her own abduction and seeing the man over her.

Mulder calls from the train yard. The man who killed the diplomat, the Red-Haired Man, kills a Japanese man who was sent to meet one of the scientists, Dr. Zama. By the time Mulder reaches the train, it has left.

X visits Scully's apartment and warns her that Mulder can not get on the train. Mulder, who has found the train tells Scully that he has to and leaps onto the train from an overpass. He loses he cell phone and thus his lifeline to Scully in the process.

To be Continued...

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "Mulder, this is even hokier than the one they aired on the Fox network, you can't even see what they're operating on!"

Mulder -- "I got tired of losing my gun."

Mulder -- "Well, I didn't get his name, I was too busy getting my ass kicked."

Scully -- "What would a Japanese diplomat be doing in that house, with a dead man... with his head stuffed in a pillow case?"
Mulder -- "Obviously not strengthening international relations."

Mulder -- "I don't remember giving you a key."
Skinner -- "I came to see you. Obviously I was late for the party."
Mulder -- "Yeah, I guess I should really fire my maid, shouldn't I?"

Skinner -- "This morning his body was found floating face down in the Seano canal. I think we can assume he wasn't diving for pearls."

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In Japanese, literally means "2nd generation." In the US, this term is most commonly used to denote a person born to a Japanese couple that immigrated to the US. Compare to "issei" (1st generation) and "sansei" (third generation).

Nisei (and issei, sansei, so forth) can also be used to mean 'the 2nd' - e.g. as in Queen Elizabeth II.

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