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Album by heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Released in 1990.
This is the first Iron Maiden album which has Janick Gers on guitar, replacing former guitarist Adrian Smith, who left in 1989.

Bruce Dickinson: vocals.
Dave Murray: guitar.
Janick Gers: guitar.
Steve Harris: bass.
Nicko McBrain: drums.

The songs::

1. Tailgunner. Written by Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson.
Despite what some may believe, this song is not based on a porn movie. It's about pilots in World War II.

2. Holy Smoke. Written by Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson.
The first single released from this album is about the hypocrisy of tv preachers.

3. No Prayer For The Dying. Written by Steve Harris.
It questions the meaning of life.

4. Public Enema Number One. Written by Dave Murray and Bruce Dickinson.
A song about how everybody only thinks about theirselves, not about others.

5. Fates Warning. Written by Dave Murray and Steve Harris.
About how unfair life is.

6. The Assassin. Written by Steve Harris.
The title pretty much sums it up. It's about an assassin, what goes on inside his head.

7. Run Silent Run Deep. Written by Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson.
Based on the movie of the same name, it's about a submarine in World War II.

8. Hooks In You. Written by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith.
It's about the weird sexual acts some people are into, like S&M.

9. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter. Written by Bruce Dickinson.
This song was originally written and recorded for the movie Nightmare On Elm Street 5, but Iron Maiden recorded it for this album. It was the second single for the album, and entered the charts in the UK at #1, making Iron Maiden the first heavy metal band to accomplish that.

10. Mother Russia. Written by Steve Harris.
A song about Russia, about how majestic it was, and that it shouldn't forget that.

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