In Kitchener-Waterloo they have a "No Smoking" by-law in restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, and other public places of business. The only places that are exempt from the by-law are private residences and places where one must have a membership to enter (which apparently includes bingo halls, for some reason).

There has been a great brouhaha in the region over the "No Smoking" by-law, as you can well imagine. The city council was sued by various businesses, but the case was thrown out of court by the judge. This was mainly due to the prosecuting attorney being a large horse's behind and not being prepared.

The only compelling arguments I've heard, both for and against, are those concerning individual rights. Smokers have the right to smoke, non-smokers have the right to live a life smoke-free.

I'm not saying one side is right and the other is wrong, but ever since the "No Smoking" by-law was passed, I've actually started to go out to clubs and go dancing and have a good time with my friends. Before this by-law, I never went out because I disliked the smoky environment so very very much.

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