Sports violence gone slightly gonzo. The imbroglio, where a garden-variety hockey fight erupts into mass hatred, and there are no longer passers-by or innocent bystanders.

A baseball brawl, or a rhubarb, where a manager turns red and/or blue in the face with vociferous anger at a disputed call; he might kick or throw a base, or kick dirt at the umpire.

Part of Adrian Belew's Sesame Street letter-B lexicon from "Elephant Talk". Brew-Ha-Ha!

I don't believe this is an Irish word: my dictionary gives the origin of the word as "French, of imitative origin", and I can't think of any Irish or Gaelic words which it might be based on.

However, Irish does have two of the best synonyms for this word: rí-rá and ruaille buaille (pronounced REE-raw and RUAL-ye BOOEL-ye).

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