Okay, here's what happened. A few days ago there was the March for Life 2001. A few kids from school went and participated in the anti-abortion brouhaha. Alot of them went for the sole reason that it is an excuse to get out of school. Well, somewhere along the parade route, there were Christian Fundamentalists handing out a propaganda-laden newspaper. The title of the newspaper, appropriately enough, was:

America! Stop Killing Your Babies!

Now, this makes perfect sense, seeing as the event was a pro-life rally. The creepiness comes in on page three.

The Truth About Smartcards and Microchips

The gist of this full page article basically said that large computer-industry conglomerates would manage to take over the government and would implant quater-inch microchips in both of our hands and our forehead. These microchips would somehow abolish paper currency. According to this source, Paper money = freedom.

Now, here's where the religious part comes in. Each microchip was to have a 6 digit id. So with three microchips per person, that makes...666. Ooh. The Number of the Beast.

So after reading this informative article during computer programming class, we decided it would be a good idea to write a letter back to these psychos. The letter went something like this:

Dear sir or madam:

It has come to my attention that in the future, technological giants will rule the country. Their microchips will rule us and in the process, eliminate paper money. Because of your article, I have begun to hoard all the paper money I can find (now that I know that Paper money = freedom). I have also severed both of my hands and have decapitated myself. I write this letter with my toes, knowing in the future that I will truly be free.


My Real Name

The kid that typed this was originally going to put his name on it, however, he pussied out. I put my name on it, signed it, and put my full return address in the corner. The letter was mailed.

I honestly hope they write back. I want to see them to try to push their psychosis on me. Then again, I could just be another target for a mailbomb.

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