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"As their heads sway, you feel better, and your feelings relax. It hypnotizes. Nohohons are for stress relief!”

Nohohon-Zoku, or the "Nonchalant Family" is a mildly amusing line of toys produced by Japanese toy giant Tomy, which makes the aforementioned claims on its website.

These amusements come in two main flavours: Hidamari no Tami (The Sunny People) and Hanauta no Tami (The Humming People). Measuring in at slightly over 4 inches tall, they sit on your desktop, bobbing and swaying their oversized heads to a silent rhythm. The main difference between the two is that the Hidamari no Tami run on solar power, and do nothing more than nod at you all day long (as long as the lights are on), whereas the Hanauta no Tami are slightly more vocal. Powered by batteries, they sing cute little songs to you while bobbing their heads. In a show of true Japanese ingenuity, the things are designed so that they sing different parts of the same song when connected by a cable.

Recently, numerous imitation toys have surfaced on the market, all claiming to be the real thing, though their comparatively low prices and quality set them apart from the original.

I've owned an original for a good part of a year now, and I must say its charming and sedative effects are still as potent on me as the day I first got it.

Or maybe I'm just easily amused. =)

For more pictures and information, check out the following sites:


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