Being one myself, I know well that there are many sentences that we high school Latin scholars are amused by. Here's a sampling:

"Semper ubi sub ubi"

This one takes a little explaining. "Semper" (as in Semper Fi, "Always Faithful") translates to "always". "Ubi" translates to "where", as in "Where he lives". "Sub" then translates to "under"
Thus: Always Where Under Where
or: Always wear underwear.

See also: Carpe Apenodytes - Seize the Penguins
Also: Any sentence containing the *Latin* word "cum" (meaning with or when) is sure to cause the more immature of us to giggle a little.

Having been one as well, I can contribute:
(Forgive any incorrect grammar, high school was a few years ago.)

"Carpe meam simiam"
"Seize my monkey!" Very popular with us around the time we discovered the Sprockets sketches on SNL.

"Sic! Sic! Bene! Optime!"
"Yes! Yes! Good! Excellent!" Not much on its own, but when you combine with heavy breathing and moaning, it takes on a life of its own.

Our coup de grace, and one which I took great pride in translating was "Give me head 'til I'm dead." I just wish I could remember it in Latin.

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