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The Nokia 5510 is a wierd looking phone. The display is mounted sideways so that when used it has the same orientation as a landscape piece of paper. The phone has a full qwerty keypad (including a shift key), which allows messages to be typed very easily. Like any good modern phone it can be used for SMS and WAP. It contains the usual collection of Nokia games. However as well as all this, its killer feature has to be its embedded MP3 player and radio. The phone has 64 Mb of storage that can be used for music (or indeed any data) and can connect to a PC via its USB port, music can be recorded from the radio. Like most MP3 players these days, it uses a proprietory format to ensure mp3s aren't copied from PC to PC. Unfortunately the encryption software is very poor which makes using the music player very cumbersome. The sound quality is passable.

Interestingly this phone seems to be just a repackaged Nokia 3330. The external design has changed a lot but internally the design looks very similar. The addition of the mp3 player and radio are new but appart from that its identical.

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