After noding Norwegian swearwords and curses, I thought it would be apropriate to show that we can be polite as well in Norway... Therefore, I bring you some polite phrases to use next time you visit!

  • Takk
    "Thank you".
    • Tusen takk means "A thousand thanks" and is the equivalent of "Thank you very much".
    • It is customary in Norway to say Takk for maten, "thanks for the food", when leaving the table.
    • When accepting or declining, you would say respectively Ja takk ("Yes, please") and Nei takk ("No thanks")
    • Takk for sist. "Thanks for last time". A common opening phrase when you meet someone you recently met at a social gathering.
    • When hitching a ride, you will say "Thanks for the ride": Takk for turen.
  • Værsågod
    "Be so good". Equivalent to "You're welcome".
  • Velbekomme
    Equivalent to "You're welcome" after thanking for the food.
  • Vær så snill
    "Please", used when asking for something (not accepting, see above).
  • God dag
    "Good day", meaning hello
  • God natt
    "Good night"
  • God morgen
    "Good morning"
  • God helg
    "Good weekend". Common goodbye-phrase on a friday evening.
  • Ha det
    "Have it". A more common, shortened form of Ha det bra, "Have it good". Both are equivalent to "Goodbye".
  • Hei
  • Hallo
  • Unnskyld or Beklager
    "Sorry". Note that in Norwegian this is only used if you are actually at fault, so don't use this to tell anyone you're sorry someone died or something... :)
  • Gratulerer med dagen
    "Congratulations with the day". Usually means "happy birthday", but can also be used for other occasions (like 17th of May).
  • Jeg elsker deg
    "I love you". Don't know whether this phrase technically fits in on this node, but I thought I'd include it anyway...

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