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As truly lyrical folk that we Austrians are, we tend to express ourselves in floral, or perhaps rather grass-roots vocabulary. After reading a very good node I felt obliged to give some rather useful bits of the national idiom of my country too. The selection was intended to be of use when conversing with the typical man from the street.

Note that the words are in dialect and probably not given in any dictionary. The italics give the approximate pronounciation.

Heast Gschissena
he-uhst gshee-se-na
Quite literally it means "Hey shitty", and is spoken mostly when the speaker approaches someone of minor importance, or someone who violated his peace. It is said slowly, and with glee or beginning anger.

A expression of deep discontentment with the recently occurred event or action. Can be said slowly when something is happening beyond the reach of the listener, or sharply, when it directly has something to do with the person spoken to.

Bist narrisch?
Bee-st nah-ree-sh
"Are you crazy"? Has a little pointier tone to it than in English. Bist-du-narrisch is an expression of shock and awe. Quite a versatile phrase, depending on the tone it is spoken.

Hoit de Pappn
ho-it de puppn
"Shut up". To underscore the underlying meaning, stronger version Hoit endlich de pappn may be used. Cliché sentence of every disturbed-relationship-movie.

Geh scheissn
geh shaisn
Very direct way to indicate that the recipient of said message should make a visit to the rest rooms. Or in American slang: "Get lost". Also appropriate when something unfortunate happens in a very spectacular way.

Geh sterben
geh sterben
"Go to die"; a very poetic invitation to follow the paths of your forefathers and a very nice proof for the poetic soul of the Austrian People. They don't wish their opponents great pain, rather they want them to simply perish. Often spoken as a sigh!, to indicate that such a torment shall no longer haunt the speaker. A accurate translation would probably be the royal "Fuck Off", that is indeed a truly omnipotent phrase.

More to come...

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