This node is meant as a reference list of wildlife you can find in Norway. I have tried to cover the large animals that are easily recognisable, but I have not included insects, fish nor birds (nor all the groups of worms and snails and stuff like that), since this would make the list incredibly long. Feel free to add these in separate nodes... :)

Norwegian names (and their meanings when appropriate) are in brackets.

Note: I know for sure this list won't be complete at first go. If you miss something, let me know!
Disclaimer: I am not a biologist! Some of the translations may be wrong, and some animals may have been put in the wrong category. If you know better, you know what to do!

Large carnivores

  • Brown Bear, Ursus arctos ("Brunbjørn")
  • Wolf, Canis lupus ("Ulv")
  • Lynx, Lynx lynx ("Gaupe")
  • Arctic Fox, Alopex lagopus ("Fjellrev": "mountain fox" or "Polarrev": "polar fox")
  • Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes ("Rødrev")
  • Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus ("Isbjørn": "ice bear")


  • Wolverine, Gulo gulo ("Jerv")
  • Badger, Meles meles ("Grevling")
  • Otter, Lutra lutra ("Oter")
  • Ermine/Stoat, Mustela erminea ("Røyskatt": "stone heap cat")
  • Mink, Mustela vison ("Mink")
  • Marten, Martes martes ("Mår")
  • Ferret, Mustela putorius ("Ilder")
  • Least Weasel, Mustela nivalis ("Snømus": "snow mouse")

    Even-toed Ungulates (Artiodactyla)

  • Musk Ox, Ovibos moschatus ("Moskus")
  • Moose, Alces alces ("Elg")
  • Red Deer, Cervus elaphus atlanticus ("Hjort")
  • Fallow Deer, Cervus dama ("Dådyr" or "Dåhjort")
  • Deer, Capreouls capreolus ("Rådyr")
  • Reindeer, Rangifer tarandus ("Reinsdyr")


  • Hare, Lepus timidus ("Hare")


  • Beaver, Castor fiber ("Bever")
  • Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris ("Ekorn")
  • Rat Rattus norvegicus ("Rotte" or "Brunrotte": "brown rat")
  • Lemming, Lemmus lemmus ("Lemen")
  • Wood lemming, Myopus schisticolor ("Skoglemen")
  • Bank Vole, Clethrionomys glareolus ("Klatremus": "climbing mouse")
  • Grey Red-backed Vole, Clethrionomys rufocanus ("Gråsidemus": "gray sided mouse")
  • Northern Red-Backed Vole, Clethrionomys rutilus ("Rødmus": "red mouse")
  • Wood Mouse, Apodemus sp. ("Skogmus")
  • House Mouse, Mus musculus ("Husmus")
  • Water Vole, Arvicola terrestris ("Vånd")

    Bats (Chiroptera)

  • Bat ("Flaggermus").
    There are many types of bats in Norway, and I have not been able to find a good source on all the types. Please forgive my ignorance towards them.


  • Shrew, Sorex sp. ("Spissmus": "pointy mouse")
  • Eurasian Water Shrew, Neomys fodiens ("Vannspissmus")
  • Hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus ("Piggsvin": "spike-swine")

    Marine mammals

  • Orca, Orcinus orca ("Spekkhogger": "blubber-striker")
  • Porpoise, Phocoenidae sp. ("Nise")
  • Seal, Phoca sp. ("Sel")

    Reptiles and snakes

  • Adder, Vipera berus ("Hoggorm": "strike-worm")
  • Slow Worm, Anguis fragilis ("Stålorm": "steel worm")
  • Smooth Snake, Coronella austriaca ("Slettsnok": "bad worm")
  • Grass Snake, Natrix natrix ("Buorm": "booth worm"?)
  • Lizard, Lacerta viviparia ("Firfisle")


  • Frog, Rana sp. ("Frosk")
  • Toad, Bufo bufo ("Padde")
  • Smooth Newt, Triturus vulgaris ("Liten Salamander": "small salamander")
  • Crested Newt, Triturus cristatus ("Stor Salamander": "large salamander")

    Some sources:
    Miljølære, (great for finding English names when you have the Latin one)
    Mammalian Crania Picture Archive (MCPA),

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