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I must be addicted to this place, as I am neglecting work to hang out here. Actually, it's not really neglect, as I will just burn the midnight oil to accomplish the writing that I get paid for. It's just that hanging out here is so much fun.

I've had a meat grinder of a week. The publication I work for, Electronic Products (must remember to node that) is having its annual product of the year awards (actually, the winners become "A" product of the year for its category, there is no "The" product of the year.) The way we determine who wins is by locking all the editors in the conference room to play Brockian Ultra-Cricket until only one comes out where we argue the merits of each product. The editor for a specific category presents the products they feel should win to the other editors, who then pick apart the device like a stepmother talking about her red-headed child. If the device gets upvoted by everyone after we finish beating it up, it wins. Of course, there is also a political element. If I disparage the industry impact of Christina's Halogen driver chip, she gives me hell about the significance of my Vertical-emission laser.

Between being locked in a room for hours at a time arguing the merits of one FPGA over another, chasing article deadlines, launching a new website (eeExperience.com), and trying to pull together a panel on standards for a power technology conference in the spring, I sometimes feel like I'm herding cats while being attacked by ducks while onlookers shout insults.

I fly to Chicago next week for a different technology conference which means that have to call into the damn POY meetings, which means I have to sit in a corner somewhere at the show while arguing into a cell phone in between appointments.

A bright point came earlier in the week when I was one of the group promoted to content editor here at E2. I am both flattered and humbled to be given the honor, as I feel that E2 is a very valuable and important (and fun) place. I guess work is only work if you don't want to do it.

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