After many weeks of unemployment, laziness, and manufacturing an incredibly large cider can pyramid in my lounge, I finally managed to find myself a job. Actually, I managed to find myself 3, all on the same day. As a ditch attempt to keep myself from going insane, I rejected the one that payed less than £5.90 an hour whilst taking the other two; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I work in wholesale, and every other damn day of the week, I work in fashion retail.

Because Fuck It, I need the money.

Anyway, my hours vary widely seeing as the clothes store is open from 9AM to 9PM in primarily four hour shifts, the wholesalers is open from 7.30AM to 7PM (Of which I work 0730 to 1700, except for yesterday when I worked 0700 until 2130, because of the God-damn annual stocktake), and also because for some unknown reason the week before last, I worked 5 days in wholesale.

As a result, I rarely know what day it is, I mean, even less than I knew what day it was when I did nothing throughout the week. This has noticeable downsides, primarily, I forget to organise things that should happen on certain days (like going out on a Saturday night), or, more dramatically, I arrive to work a 50 minutes journey from home to find I don't actually start work for another seven hours. That's today.

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