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Well, it's no amazing come-back, open arms to greet the lost noder, but a small feeling of comfort all the same. Little has changed, yet many have.

After over 3 and a half years of not noding, just popping in for a look-see at what is happening from time to time, I noded my first WU today (this obviously being my second). I don't see this as a grand second coming, but should the opportunity arise, and I think of anything interesting, I may pop in and write it up.

Life has been a crazy whirlwind since last we met, oh E2. It has been over 3 years since my last confession.

I have now moved to London from my home country, and am finding a lot of differences over here which should make good node-fodder. I have changed jobs twice, and am seriously looking again. I have obviously aged some, but haven't let this impact on my childish outbursts, or purile demeanour.

Let this be the first of many...

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