Song from the Morrissey album Vauxhall and I. The names Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cubitt are characters from the Graham Greene novel Brighton Rock. Patric Doonan is an actor who appeared in the film 'Cockleshell Heroes'. One Damian Morgan of Manchester claims he is the 'jammy Stressford poet'.

The song begins quietly in the first verse but soon builds up an irresistable momentum. The poignant observation of 'loafing oafs in all-night chemists' is counterpointed by swirling orchestration. This song could be used in any argument against those who hold that Moz produced nothing of value after the Smiths.

There's gonna be some trouble,
A whole house will need rebuilding,
And everyone I love in the house
Will recline on an analyst's couch quite soon
Your Father cracks a joke
and in the usual way
Empties the room

CST Approved

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