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Spanglish for "New Haven", it refers, not to the Latino population of New Haven, CT, but to its leftist one, and its program of categorically discouraging non-local business in town, or indeed any enterprise, demanding more and more social services from the City, its political correctness, etc. (The fact that one of its sister cities is in Nicaragua helps, too.)In their rosy view, veiled Muslim mothers caper happily with Doc Martin-shod Jewish lesbians, working-class Italian Catholics chant Goddess prayers with Neopagans, and everyone just loves the homeless. Everyone works in warm-n-fuzzy groups ruled by consensus, buys their essentials in neighborly co-ops, volunteers their copious free time in various civic projects and relaxes by listening to folk music and talking about Really Deep Subjects while sharing vegetarian potluck.

The name comes from the fact that these policies discourage local businesses as well, skyrockets property taxes, and generally contribute to a depressed atmosphere, with drugs and prostitution the most thriving concerns, similar to that of Castro-era Havana. The fact that these policies don't do much for actual Latinos is not lost either.

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