Otep is a band under the subgenres metal, deathmetal, screamo, and thrash metal. Members include singer/vocalist/namesake Otep Shamaya, bassist "Evil J" Jason Macguire, guitarist Rob Patterson, and drummer Mark "Moke" Bistany. They formed in Los Angeles, in 2000. They had no demo, only four shows. Sharon Osbourne was impressed by their powerful performance and offered them a showing at the 2001 Ozzfest. Since then Otep has played at the Ozzfest three times.
Otep has released two EPs and three full-length albums. EPs include "Otep", released 2001 and "Jihad" from 2003. Albums are "Sevas Tra" (Art Saves backwrds", 2002; "House of Secrets",2004; "The Ascension", 2007; and "Smash the Control Machine", 2009. In their latest album, they call upon Emilie Autumn to play the violin and Koichi Fukuda to play piano on the track "R A WMN NOW".

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