"Munky" is the nickname given to James Christian Shaffer, a guitarist of Korn. Munky had gotten the nickname because he could spread his toes like a monkey's foot. Munky has been with Korn since the beginning and has recently lost his partner guitarist Brian "Head" Welch who was the lead guitarist for Korn.

In Korn's upcoming album, Munky plays all the guitar himself. Munky now plays all the lead guitar when Korn perform live, and Rob Patterson from OTEP plays the rhythm guitar which was originally performed by Munky himself.

Munky has said in an interview that he will be doing his own solo project, we have no idea when but sometime soon. In the current See You On The Other Side tour, Munky has been playing a solo in most of the shows, and he says that's just a taste of what you will be hearing. Munky also says he will be experimenting a lot and he says they have already written 5 new songs for the upcoming Korn album but nothing serious will start for the new album until late 2006/early2007.

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