There is probably no such contest because ANSI C is valid C++, so the best entries would most likely just be (poor C++ but acceptable (well sort of)) ANSI C, and there's already the IOCCC to deal with that. Another problem is lack of decent complier support (read: valid C++ code doesn't always compile on all ANSI/ISO C++ compilers), although gcc/egcs is getting better every release it seems...

There IS a contest.

The code must compile and run when sent in, and is then filtered through a C++ beautifier, and given to a panel of judges. The winner is the owner of the most confusing and useless program, with bonus points awarded if the judges never figure out what the code is supposed to do.

Strategies include using similar characters (l and 1, 0 and O) as the only difference between the names of two variables, heavily overloaded operators and functions (with each overload performing a completely different task, of course) and labyrinthine networks of pointers.

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