Octarine is the 8th (yes, eighth, eight being a significant number on the Discworld, but that's another node) colour of the rainbow on the Discworld. It is also the Colour of Magic. IIRC, it's a sort of greeny-purple.

A head shop in Helsinki, Finland.
Located in Albertinkatu 28.

Octarine is one of the leading bong, pipe and "special" rolling paper sellers in the country. The prices are reasonable, but unfortunately they don't keep many products in stock, leading to many items being sold out a lot of the time. However, they can order whatever you want from the manufacturers themselves.

The product lineup isn't limited to only smoking equipment, though. Octarine also sells all the material needed for cultivation of decorative Cannabis plants (wink wink), plus a wide range of psychedelic stuff from music to posters and clothes. Like this wasn't enough, they also offer groovy lights for both home and club use.

The store's web page can be found at http://www.octarine.fi/.

Update - February 3, 2001

Octarine opened in their new location at Albertinkatu yesterday. Me, Jope and an another friend happened to be in the neighborhood and checked the place out.
I can't say many negative things about the store. The new facilities provide plenty of space, the decorations create a nice spaced-out atmosphere and the service - at least from the person at work during my visit - is outstanding. I highly recommend Octarine for your psychedelic needs.

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