Today I'm going to get my passport taken care of via the expediting service, order parts for my VW, then get all hopped up on caffeine and read more on TCP/IP. Later I'll get even more hopped up on caffeine and go into work. Tired of sleeping.

Why would a girl be sad if she could make things grow? There are plenty of reasons.

Car hunting, day one. Got tired of the Cavalier, due to it's rattles and squeaks, and other miscellaneous stuff. So we started looking. Oh, and having a discount due to where I work is very nice.

Did a test drive on a Toyota RAV-4. Or is that a box with a toy engine? Uncomfortable, boxy, and a very whiny engine that bugged me.

Also did a test drive on a Dodge Avenger. A nice looking vehicle, confortable, and a decent price with the discount. And the $1500 rebate they're giving out becuse the 2000 model is coming in. But Edmunds questions it's reliability, and I don't want a car that will be in the shop. :(

Not sure what to try out next...

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